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What is a slug?

A slug is a tough skinned terrestial molusk. It is a serious plantpest and it typically lacks a shell, and it secretes a film ofmucus for protection. There are 2 kinds of slu ( Full Answer )
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Can you get slugs wet?

You can get them wet with a small mist of water but if yo give them water like in a water dish they will drown!
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Do slugs have lungs?

Yes, they have a very basic form of "lung"; this is no more than amoist cavity within the mantel into which air is drawn through thepneumostome (opening in its side). The oxyg ( Full Answer )
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Why do slugs get on the dead slugs?

Because they probably are stealing there shell praying over them or they are protecting them.
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Why do slug communicate with other slugs?

Slugs can communicate through tentacles and chemicals. Snails havetwo tentacles on their heads which they use to communicate witheach other through touch. Slugs leave behind a ( Full Answer )
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Do slugs eat other slugs?

Yes, there are at least a few species of slugs that do cannibalize. And slugs most certainly do have teeth, contrary to what theprevious answer said.
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Why do you have slugs?

to keep the inviroment healthy and to mix breed them to improve the spieces and there cool comming from a 9 year old girl
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What does a slug eat and who eats the slug?

Slugs eat things such as lettuce, broccoli, apples- stuff like that. So many things eat slugs, such as spiders, and ME.
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How can you tell a slug is a slug?

Because it's what you could commonly recognise as a slug, a snail without a shell is still a snail just without its shell, the same as if you remove a zebra's stripes it's sti ( Full Answer )
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Do slug pellets kill slugs?

Yes, slug pellets kill slugs even though there are two more humanemethods. Slugs cannot crawl over, and will retreat from, gardenplots surrounded by fine sharp gravel or a rin ( Full Answer )