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Do slugs have lungs?

Yes, they have a very basic form of "lung"; this is no more than a  moist cavity within the mantel into which air is drawn through the  pneumostome (opening in its side). Th (MORE)
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What is a slugs color?

Slugs come in a variety of colors. They can be  green,Êbrown,Êyellow,Êcream, and many otherÊcolors depending on  their environment.
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Can slugs swim?

It depends on the slug. Garden slugs can exist in water for some  time, but they cannot stay for long periods nor swim. There are,  however, some slug species that live in w (MORE)

Why do slug communicate with other slugs?

Slugs can communicate through tentacles and chemicals. Snails have  two tentacles on their heads which they use to communicate with  each other through touch. Slugs leave be (MORE)

Do slugs eat other slugs?

Yes, there are at least a few species of slugs that do cannibalize.   And slugs most certainly do have teeth, contrary to what the  previous answer said.
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Are slugs blind?

 Yes slugs and snails are totally blind and have no  sensitivity to any light on any spectrum,try this your self with a  bright torch,and you will see the"eyeballs" on the (MORE)

Can you hold slugs?

Most of them, yes. The poisonous ones, obviously not. The ones you find on your driveway after it rains, yes. The bright yellow ones you find at camp, no. If you put you (MORE)

What is a penny slug?

It is a piece of metal the same size and shape as a penny that was used to cheat vending machines and gum ball machines.

Do slug pellets kill slugs?

Yes, slug pellets kill slugs even though there are two more humanemethods. Slugs cannot crawl over, and will retreat from, gardenplots surrounded by fine sharp gravel or a rin (MORE)