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What are slums?

Slums are city neighborhoods with poorly maintained buildings,usually occupied by people of lower economic status.
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What is slum?

If you are slum you are lazy.. If you mean what is A slum; this is also referred to as a shanty towns. The web definination for this;. Shanty towns (also called slums , ( Full Answer )
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What is slumming?

Visiting slums. Sometimes used humorously, in reference to the appearance of a dignified person in a situation generally thought of as low-class.. For the source and more det ( Full Answer )
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Where are slums?

Slums are poorly kept places in all cities in the world with over 10,000 inhabitants. There are "inner city" slums that are tenements, which are apartment buildings that have ( Full Answer )
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What are true about slums?

They are caused by deteriorating neighborhoods. They breed disease. They are fueled by poverty and unemployment.
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What is slum people?

A slum is someone who lives in inproper houses made out of anything they can find in the dump, there hygiene is poor and they all live close together in an tight area. they a ( Full Answer )
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What is a slum of hope?

this is a poor area which provides people with better opportunities such as jobs which can improve an individual's standard of living and quality life.
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What is a Brazilian slum?

A slum in Brazil is much the same as a slum in South Africa, India or turkey, except for language
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What is a sentence for slums?

It is an unfortunate truth that there are many children living in slums around the world.
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What are facts about slums?

many slums are dirty and inhabited by poor people that cant affordor are forced by social divisisons