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How small is to small for a dog to get neutered?

If you are talking specifically about size, veterinarian can neuter very small animals because this type of surgery doesn't require going into the abdominal cavity. If you are (MORE)
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How small is too small for a penis?

I believe a micro penis is 3 inches when erect and below. Most of the nerve endings in the vagina are in the first 3 inches so even a 3 inch penis would give pleasure. Do not (MORE)
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How small is a small penis?

Small is pretty small. If you think it is small. Then it is pretty small. If your penis is average is looks small, if your penis is small it looks small but you think it loo (MORE)

Why do small businesses remain small?

Small businesses remain small for different reasons. They are almost always privately owned, some by couples, brothers, father and son, etc "ma and pa" organizations as they u (MORE)
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Does small animal have small cell?

All living things are made up of cells. Because they are small in size does not mean that their cell size is small. Generally cells are the same size between organisms.
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As small as what?

In order to know if something is as small as something else one  needs to know what you are referencing.