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How does the large intestine differ from that of the small intestine?

The small intestine receives the stomach contents in a liquid form called effluent. Its primary function is to absorb nutrients from this liquid on its way to the large intest (MORE)

What does the small intestine do?

breaks down complex sugars into simple suagrs, breaks down proteins into amino acids, and emulsify fats.     Small intestines contain small hair-like projections calle (MORE)

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Is the small intestine or the large intestine longer?

The small intestine is considerably longer than the large intestine, but the large intestine is wider in diameter, from which it derives its name. Yes. It is smaller in diam (MORE)

How do the large intestines help the small intestines?

Every solid swallowed food, that was not digested by the time it reaches the end of the small intestine; is collected in the large intestine, which gets some water to help it (MORE)

About the small intestine?

Small IntestineThe small intestine (also known as the small bowel) is the longest portion of the digestive tract - it is more than 6 meters long and is located within the midd (MORE)

Why is the large intestine smaller then the small intestines?

because the small intestine is rolled up and at first appears smaller Large intesine (colon) is called large because it is larger in diameter NOT Length. Large intestine is th (MORE)
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