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Why can't a guy stand sitting near you when you shower everyday and smell good.still he acts really nice and sometimes starts a smalltalk. trying to figure out his mixed signals but just can't?

personally, from experience, guys are dogs. They'll tell you whatever it is you want to hear, and they hope that you're dumb enough to believe it. My suggestion is, don't both ( Full Answer )
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Why Smalltalk is a pure object oriented language?

Smalltalk is a "pure" object-oriented programming language, meaning that, unlike Java and C++, there is no difference between values which are objects and values which are pri ( Full Answer )
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Define smalltalk. what is its importance in life?

The importance of small talk . This article is based on the free eBook "Networking". Small talk is more important than you might think. We award it a low status, but make u ( Full Answer )