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Who was V-Mob?

V-Mob was a small Rapcore/Nu-Metal band from Cincinnati Ohio. They released a demo in 1999 titled Rough Cut with the songs Highway, Hurt Me, Rippin Scabs, & Why. A 2000 demo w (MORE)

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How do you get smart?

Intelligence is mostly an innate characteristic, one you are born with. Since you cannot change your inherited abilities, you should learn how to utilize them in the best way. (MORE)

What is patellar mobs?

  Patellar mobs (mobilizations) are when a physician or therapist moves your knee cap (patella) either up and down or side to side. This is done to encourage proper joint (MORE)

What is mob mentality?

Attempt at answer It is two or more people who take justice, as they see it, into their own hands. Actually, I believe mob mentality has more to do with the way people act w (MORE)

What is mob football?

Mob football is the name given to some varieties of Medieval football, which emerged in Europe during the Middle Ages.   Mob football distinguished itself from other codes (MORE)

Son of the mob?

Son of the Mob is a book that was written by Gordon Korman. It was  released in 2002 and was intended for those 12 years old and up. It  is about a teenager who portrays som (MORE)

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