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Was Karina Smirnoff on Hannah Montana?

Yes. Karina Smirnoff guest starred in the Disney series Hanna Montana. The episode is entitled "Everybody Was Best-Friend Fighting," playing fortune teller "Madame Escajedo.
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Can you buy smirnoff in cans?

yes you can but they are only available in certain areas, such as Austrialia, some places in Europe and only a couple states in the U.S (only one I know of is Flordia).
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How much alcohol does smirnoff have?

Smirnoff Type Vodka Manufacturer Diageo Country of origin Russia Introduced ca. 1860s Alcohol by volume 37.5% - 50% Proof 80 - 100 Related products
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Is Karina Smirnoff engaged?

Karina Smirnoff has been engaged twice. She was engaged to fellow Dancing with the Stars competitor Maksim Chmerkovskiy, however, they broke off their engagement in September (MORE)
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Is green apple smirnoff good?

try it, but raspberry smirnoff, is really good. especially with ice tea, just makes it alot sweeter.
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Is smirnoff ice beer?

im not one for beer but yes i just researched it and it seems to be
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What is Smirnoff and who likes it?

It is a particular brand name of vodka . Anyone who likes to drink vodka (and is not a brand-name snob) would drink it.
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What chemicals are in Smirnoff ice?

The composition is 40 % ethanol and 60 % water; extremely minorconcentrations of some chemicals may exist also.
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What is Yakov Smirnoff most noted for?

Yakov Smirnoff is a Russian comedian. However, Yakov Smirnoff is not associated with the popular Smirnoff brand of alcoholic beverage that many individuals drink.