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How did Tamara Dobson die?

Tamara Dobson was an American actress who was born in 1947. She  died in 2006 from complications from pneumonia and multiple  sclerosis.

Stuff Smith did Smith have a child?

Stuff Smith had at least one son from either his first or second  wife. He was married to a woman named Arlene when he died. She is a  friend of mine and is currently living (MORE)
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What is Dr James Dobson known for?

Dr. James Dobson is a psychologist. Although never actually ordained he is considered one of the top evangelical leaders in the US. He founded the organization Focus on the Fa (MORE)

Is Shepherd Smith Smith sick?

I am not sure when this question was asked originally, but anchors periodically lose weight or get told to change their appearance; also, reporters often go through periods of (MORE)

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What is a Smith?

An iron worker. Maker of tools and horseshoes and weapons, in olden times. ***** Smith meant maker or worker- Arrows were made by an arrowsmith, iron was worked by a blacksmit (MORE)