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What are the names of all the museums make up the Smithsonian Institution?

African American History and Culture Museum African Art Museum Air and Space Museum American Art American History Museum American Indian Museum Anacostia Community (MORE)

What is the Smithsonian Institute?

  The Smithsonian Institute is a group of museums made up of over 150 museums and research centers. It is the world's largest museum complex and research organization. Abo (MORE)

Name a famous rock on exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC?

There are a number of famous "rocks" on display at the various Smithsonian museums.    The Air and Space museum has actual rock samples from the moon.   The Natural (MORE)

How do you spell Smithsonian?

That is the correct spelling of the proper noun, meaning the "Smithsonian Institution" (museums and research facilities operated by the US government).
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How did Smithsonian Institute get its name?

A guy named James Smithson (who actually never set foot in the U.S; he lived in France) wrote in a will that his nephew was to have 500,000 with the idea that he would pass it (MORE)

Who donated the Smithsonian Institute?

James Smithson started with all of the money then in his will gave it to his nephew (Henry James Hungerford) and said that if Henry did not have any heirs to give his money to (MORE)

How did the Smithsonian get its name?

It's named for the British scientist James Smithson.    When Smithson died, his fortune passed to his nephew. However his  nephew died only six years later and left no (MORE)

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