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What is SMOG and how is it caused?

smog = Smoke + fog it is created when the fog mixes with the pollution in air. Smog looks almost like fog, but is harmful if inhaled for a sufficient period of time.
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Is smog a gas?

Smog is actually a collection of toxic gases. Usually smog is used in reference to toxic gases produce by vehicles or other forms of energy production i.e coal burning.

Why is smog bad?

smog is a mixture of poison gasses and burnt fossil fuels. If ingested for a long it can make you sick. If inhailed it can damage you lungs and has been known to cause asthma. (MORE)
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Where is a smog found?

Smog is as we know smoke and fog.It is mainly found in industrial towns which has high precipitation.

What is smog?

  Answer     A mixture of pollutants, principally ground-level ozone, produced by chemical reactions in the air involving smog-forming chemicals. A major portion (MORE)

What causes smog?

Smog is caused by many factors. The smog that enters the atmosphere consists of over 100 chemicals, many coming from different sources.. Particulates present in smog include (MORE)

Smog in driving?

Carbon dioxide is produced when internal combustion engine give off  exhaust. When it mixes with moisture in the air, it becomes a  substance called smog.

What was the London smog?

The Great London Smog (SMoke + fOG) was the result of coal smokefrom fired heating during an unusual cold period combining with theheavy fogs of London. Although smog was not (MORE)

Why is smog called smog?

Smog is a slang word blending smoke and Fog. Could be related to certain types of fires ( oil refineries, yecch!) or more stable like-pollution from chemical industries. I hav (MORE)
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What was London smog?

It no longer exists/happens but in the days when London houses used  coal fires to heat homes, the coal smoke mixed with normal fog to  produce what was called "smog" (smoke (MORE)