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What is smog?

Answer . \nA mixture of pollutants, principally ground-level ozone, produced by chemical reactions in the air involving smog-forming chemicals. A major portion of smog-for (MORE)
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What does smog do?

It Just Makes You Cant See And Stuff Answer: First a brief discussion of what smog is. There are two types the smog: . Smog "classic" found in London which was a mix (MORE)
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What is smog made out of?

Smog is a result of a combination of photochemical reactions which involve: 1. Ground-Level Ozone (made from VOCs) 2. Nitrogen oxides. 3. Peroxyacytyl Nitrate (a dangero (MORE)
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How is smog harmful?

its harmful because people get very harmed. They get harmed because of the smoke in the air. the smoke in the air gives people lung cancer and gets them very sick!! so you all (MORE)
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What can you do to stop smog?

stop using cars and use alternative fuels and such. Everyone knows that it is smoke and fog that causes smog, and cars cause the smoke. Stop using fossil fuels and use renewab (MORE)
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What a smog?

Smog "Classic" is a form of air pollution caused by a mixture of smoke and fog.This was common in England as a result of the damp climate and heavy use of coal for heating and (MORE)
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What was the London smog?

The Great London Smog (SMoke + fOG) was the result of coal smokefrom fired heating during an unusual cold period combining with theheavy fogs of London. Although smog was not (MORE)
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What can a smog do?

At extreme cases, it can kill you. But it just works as a cigerate, it is bad for your lungs, so people in LA have lots of smog, because lots of automobiles and smokers are th (MORE)
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Where is a smog found?

Smog is as we know smoke and fog.It is mainly found in industrial towns which has high precipitation.
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Why is smog called smog?

Smog is a slang word blending smoke and Fog. Could be related to certain types of fires ( oil refineries, yecch!) or more stable like-pollution from chemical industries. I hav (MORE)