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How do you spell smokey?

The spelling smoky means having the odor or flavor of smoke, or the Great Smoky Mountains. The spelling Smokey is a proper name: an animated bear character used by the US Fore (MORE)

Is it 'Smokey the Bear' or 'Smokey Bear'?

It is 'Smokey Bear'. There is no "the" in his name. That was added by songwriters to make their song sound better. Check the National Forest Service's history of Smokey Bear a (MORE)

What is Smokey bear's motto?

"Only YOU can prevent forest fires." Previously, until 2001, it was "Remember - only YOU can prevent forest fires." Originally, in 1944, it was "Smokey says -- Care will p (MORE)

Where was Smokey the Bear rescued from?

Smokey Bear was rescued from the Capitan Gap fire in the Lincoln National Forest in the Capitan Mountains of New Mexico. Smokey had climbed a tree to escape the fire, but his (MORE)

When did smokey leave the miracles?

Smokey left The Miracles in 1972. He had been a member of the group  since it's inception, in 1955, then the group was called the 5  Chimes. The Miracles were Motown's first (MORE)

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