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Can you smoke oatmeal?

One could smoke oatmeal, but there would be no pleasurable effect, only smoke inhalation. Oatmeal has none of the chemical properties such as nicotine that makes the smoke of (MORE)

Does sodapop smoke?

Sodapop only smokes when something is bugging him or "to steady his nerves or when he wants to look tough" (97).
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What do you get from smoking?

  emphysema.   a condition where the lining between the alveoli in the lungs is destroyed.   this dramatically reduces the surface area available for the diffusion o (MORE)
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Did Gandhi smoke?

Yes he did when he went abroad to practice law but later he stopped realising his mistake that it was against religion and law.
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Can you smoke thyme?

Thyme is used as an herb to add smokey flavoring to food. You can but it won't have an effect
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What do smokes have?

If you are referring to the smoke released by a fire, they contain tiny particals that reflect light and also they contain Carbon Dioxide and other gases that some may be toxi (MORE)

What is smoking disadvantages?

1. You have a higher chance of getting lung diseases and breathing problems. 2. You can get many types of cancer from smoking. 3. Your breath will smell bad. 4. You will (MORE)

What is a smoke?

  a smoke is a cigarette that when lighted puts toxic smoke into your lungs this toxic smoke contains over 40 different chemicals including rat killer, bathroom cleaners a (MORE)
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Can you smoke psilocybin?

yes , you CAN, many people have tried this and the effects have either been nothing or a mild high. It's much better to just eat them.
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Can you smoke Prozac?

I am not a doctor but I would strongly advise not to. I really don't think that's the proper way to take it and there have been a lot of reports of negative side effects alrea (MORE)