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What is the smoking?

  Breathing in substances other than fresh air causes harm to the breathing system.Smoking from tobacco causes many problems.   The smoke contains particles that irrita (MORE)

Can you smoke in a limo?

Our limo service in PA are allowed smoking and drinking inside the  vehicle. For more details visit the site
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What does smoking do to you?

The harmful effects of smoking include:    Every year hundreds of thousands of people around the world die  from diseases caused by smoking cigarettes - Smoking KILLS. (MORE)
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What can smoking do to you?

Smoking can really harm your lungs and make them black if you smoke too much. This is due to the build up of tar in the lungs which will eventually lead to lung cancer. -- (MORE)

What do you get from smoking?

  emphysema.   a condition where the lining between the alveoli in the lungs is destroyed.   this dramatically reduces the surface area available for the diffusion o (MORE)
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What do smokes have?

If you are referring to the smoke released by a fire, they contain tiny particals that reflect light and also they contain Carbon Dioxide and other gases that some may be toxi (MORE)

What is a smoke?

  a smoke is a cigarette that when lighted puts toxic smoke into your lungs this toxic smoke contains over 40 different chemicals including rat killer, bathroom cleaners a (MORE)

Why smoking is terrible?

Smoking is harmful to a persons health causing any of the following; Nicotine dependency (addiction)Heart diseaseStrokeCardiovascular diseasesDiabetesLung CancerMouth cancerCa (MORE)

Can Hindus smoke?

In Hinduism, both smoking and drinking have been termed as Tamo-Guna (quality of dullness, ignorance, delusion, inactivity, inertia, sloth - the third of the three gunas of ma (MORE)