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What is SMS?

SMS is an acronym for Short Message Service, whereby a text messagecan be sent from one cellphone to another. It is called a short message service because it can hold upto 16 (MORE)

What is correct - a sms or an sms?

"An sms" is correct. In the English language "an" is used when the next word begins with a vowel or with a word which has phonetically vowel sound.   Ex.- An MBA
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What is sms and what device uses sms?

SMS is an abbreviation which stand for SMS Messaging Service. SMS is mostly use by Telecommunication companies.  The correct expanded definition of SMS is Short Message Servi (MORE)

How can i get sms?

It's easy to get sms from webs here is many sites on net about this You can get new and interesting messages about any topic from this web
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In sms fittings what is sms stands for?

In simple terms of SMS is Short Massage Service and in this competitive times this one really effective tools for marketing and most of the business owners know the powers of (MORE)