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What is a smuggler?

Answer . Someone that doesn't pay taxes on goods brought in or sent out, or hides goods into a prison, or out of a prison, etc.
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What are smugglers?

Have always been around when an opportunity existed to:. Make a profit . Defy the legitamate government's taxation . Make a profit.
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What is a drug smuggler?

A drug smuggler is a person who transports drugs. They hide thedrugs and transport them to another state, country, or in to aprison.
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What are people smugglers?

They are known as "HUMAN TRAFFICKERS." a person who charges people lots of money to get people to othercountries
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What did smugglers do?

Smugglers would take goods without paying taxes and move them illegally from one place to the next
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What does a smuggler wear?

what ever they what . Smugglers have to blend into the people around them. they will dress as a sailor or a piolet what ever they need or want
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Was Sid James a diamond smuggler?

Sid James was a South African actor and comedian. He was born Soloman Joel Cohen on 8th May 1913 and died 26th April 1976.
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Do smugglers kill?

yes smugglers are thieves so they will do everything they can to get the thing they want. even kill someone
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Who wrote the smuggler?

There are many "Smuggler" books - maybe " SMUGGLER" by Shohei Manabe or "Smuggler's Blues" by Jay Carter Brown .