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Can a snail shell grow out the snail?

No. Unlike animals like hermit crabs (who have to change their shells whenever they grow out of it), shells for snails grow WITH it.
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Where is the snail?

Snails mostly live in ponds and lakes. Sometimes you can find smaller snails crawling around the bottom of the tree roots in the shade. You will most likely not find a snail a (MORE)

Does a snail shell grow with the snail?

Yes, ALL snails have shells that grow with them. The mantle deposits Calcium carbonate in layers, the grain of a snails shell is the result of this action.
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Advantages of snaIL MAIL?

There are quite a few advantages of snail mail including showing  people that you really cared enough to take the time to hand write  something to them. Snail mail is also s (MORE)

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