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Can snails bite?

yes, otherwise they couldn't eat, but if you mean can they bite people, You can feel a snails bite. But it can't do any damage due to the lack of jaw strength.
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Can a snail shell grow out the snail?

No. Unlike animals like hermit crabs (who have to change their shells whenever they grow out of it), shells for snails grow WITH it.
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Do snails have brains?

Snails have what is called a nerve cluster; not complex enough and doesn't have divided structures, yet controls the functions of the snail's body. This cluster of is formed f (MORE)
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Can you eat snails?

  Yes people do eat them but some are very deadly to the humen brain & stomach ( french people eat many of them )
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Do snails kill other snails?

Yes Snails can eat each other, especially in captivity if there are smaller snails and they aren't fed a varied diet with all the nutrients they need.