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How do you treat a snakebite?

It is a popular belief that you are supposed to suck out the poison, but don't do so. That way, the poison is still in your body, and you don't want that. The better alternati (MORE)
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What is a snakebite antidote?

If the snake is non-venomous, then no special treatment is needed beyond what you would do for any puncture wound. Snakes do not have dirty teeth and there is very little dang (MORE)
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How do you attend to a snakebite?

I've added an article of how to attend to a snake bite under related links. You can go and check it out.
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Are snakebites poison?

That depends on whether you've been bitten by a venomous breed of snake. Some snakes kill their pray by constricting it to death, so venom is needed little, if not at all. If (MORE)
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Where can you get snakebites?

Any good body piercing studio in your area, listed in the yellow pages under "Body Piercing " or "Tattoos" ( some tattoo shops do piercing as well ) .
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How old do you can have snakebites?

Body Piercing Guidelines or "I want a piercing, now what" . All Body Piercing studios are regulated and work under regional and local health and city licensing regulations. (MORE)
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What is the treatment for snakebites?

First we need to understand snakes: 1. Snakes are 'venomous' NOT 'poisonous' - Snake venom is a combination of a numerous number of proteins and enzymes. Provided I had n (MORE)
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What should you do if you get snakebite?

Clean with soap and water and apply a bandage with light pressure. Be as still as possible. Go to the hospital. If someone can identify or capture the snake that may be very i (MORE)
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What do you do after a snakebite?

tie a band scarf or something semitight above the bite (between bite and heart) and seek medical attention
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What do you do right after a snakebite?

After snake bites you, reverse bite to snake. Try to stop the blood circulation of that bitten place or else poison will go viral to your body through blood. Then go to doctor (MORE)