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What do snappers eat?

Snappers will eat shellfish, crabs, sea urchins, fish, crayfish and  other animal matter. Snappers can hide and snap quickly onto their  prey.
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What is a snapper?

  A woman's Vagina, in the polite term, but in fact means a more derogatory term!

What do snapper eat?

snapper eat sardines greenies(pilchards or also known as threadfin hearing) and also shrimp and other assorted species.   bigger snapper like bigger meals   jacks, blue (MORE)
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What eats snapper?

  We do, us humans, we really enjoy these fish. Other fish and animals eat this particular fish. For instance, many birds do, and im sure whales do 2.

What is a NFL snapper?

An NFL snapper is also known as the center. He snaps the ball generally to the Quarterback to start the play. There are also players known as Long Snappers who snap the ball t (MORE)
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How do snappers get food?

Although you would think that more of their food would come fromreefs, snappers seem to mostly eat other fish. Some of the fishthat Red Snappers eat are pipefish, eels, searob (MORE)
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How do the snapper spawn?

Snapper fish spawn by coming together in large groups and then  releasing their fertilized sperm and eggs into the water at the  same time.