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What does sneezing do?

Clears the nasal passages, because a sneeze is caused by irritation or itchiness in your nose or nasal passages.

What is in a sneeze?

Air, mucus, saliva, along with whatever made you sneeze. If you are sneezing because of an infection such as a cold or the flu, you will also be sneezing out virus particles w (MORE)
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What if you sneez?

you ask google but don't edit it if you want to copy it and pasteit on ;)
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How do you sneeze?

Sneezing (sternutation) is a part of every day life and sometime in your life you may want to know how exactly you do it. Simply, sneezing is triggered by particles that enter (MORE)
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Can you sneeze when you what to?

You can't voluntarily make yourself sneeze, it's an involuntary reflex. You could induce a sneeze, though, by sniffing dust or pepper or tickling your nose with something.

What are sneezes?

Sneezes are A sudden expulsion of a mixture of mucus, saliva and air out the nasal canal. Caused by a tickling or irritation in the nose. If you are sneezing because of a cold (MORE)
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How to sneeze?

Scientists say that it can cause a reaction from in most germs, and it could be pepper, pollen, or even dust.
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Why do i sneeze?

The long-standing answer has been that sneezing is a reflex. When irritants - such as germs, dust,pollen, animal dander, or pollutants, just to name just a few -infiltrate t (MORE)