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What do horses hunt for?

Horses don't really hunt. They are not hunters they are prey animals. But they are completely preoccupied with food. They seem to be thinking about lunch while eating breakfas (MORE)

What is the best Call of Duty World at War sniping class?

With Overkill (if you have it) Use the scoped mosin nagant bolt action rifle as the first and the any Semi-Auto rifle with sniper scope or telescopic sight as the second with (MORE)
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What does snipe mean in lacrosse?

To shoot the ball with great accuracy and power from a difficult position. Say two defenders are on you, you dip low and shoot te ball underhanded or sidearmed and it went int (MORE)

Did Wesley Snipes have an accident to his eye if so when and what happen?

I am pretty sure he had a boating accident. His left eye is slightly more closed that his right. It is not lazy it does not go to the left or right, it is just closed more. Yo (MORE)

Is the snipe bird extinct?

Snipe are not real. They do not exist. __ Hate to be contrary, but there are approx 25 birds in the Snipe family, ranging from the Common Snipe to the Jack Snipes. Here a (MORE)