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What is a snob?

Answer . I think a snob is someone who thinks they are better than everyone...will not 'lower' themselves to talk to people they do not consider 'their' equal.....remember (MORE)

What is snob appeal?

Answer The expression snob appeal simply means appealing to snobs . So in London one might say 'an SW3 [Chelsea] address is very classy and has lots of snob appeal' . Mos (MORE)

Are Republicans snobs?

Yes and No ----------------- Some believing that their political ideology is right for the American people and in supporting corporatism and bailouts to wall streets.Also (MORE)
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Why are people snobs?

because they think there better than everyone else, i had loads at my high school, i hate them soooooo much.

Why is someone a snob?

Snobs are usually people with low self-esteem who need to bolster their self-image by looking down on and finding fault with others. Emotionally healthy people do not feel the (MORE)

What is snob in German?

The word for snob in German is simply Snob , although this is considered Denglisch by some people (a English word which has made its way into the German language). If you w (MORE)

Are Spaniards snobs?

Not usually, but some Spaniards are snobby just like some Americans, Britons, and other people are snobby. Most Spaniards are honest, straightforward, and expressive people.

Are cheerleaders snobs?

It depends on the person. I am a cheerleader and I am anything but a snob. However, some girls on my team think that they are the best in the world.
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What a snob?

A posh person, even though many websites say it's a person who thinks they are better than anyone else.