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Is Dakota Fanning a snob?

I have never met her, but she does not seem like a snob at all. She seems really nice. I have never heard any stories about her being a snob from people who have met her, they (MORE)

How can you tell grace wexler is a snob?

She doesn't appreciate being known as "cousins" with the rest of the heirs, because she sees them as poor. Later towards the end of the book, she becomes more caring by helpin (MORE)
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What is the resolution in the snob by morley callaghan?

john ignores his father in the book store, but regrets it as he is leaving. He knows it will be an awkward situation at home and takes his anger out on Grace. He blames her fo (MORE)

How do you use snob appeal?

Snobs have no appeal whatsoever and it's useless in society. Snobs are classified as thinking they are better than others; self absorbed; ego maniacal and others never get to (MORE)

Are prep schools filled with snobs?

Yes and No   Most prep schools have them yes. But remember, if you're going to a good prep school (key word is GOOD. Ex: Phillips academy (either one) lawrence...etc) , you (MORE)

Are cheerleaders snobs?

It depends on the person. I am a cheerleader and I am anything but a snob. However, some girls on my team think that they are the best in the world.

Why are noble gases referred to snobs?

The noble gases do not interact or react to the other elements  because they have electron balanced shells. They do not need one or  have one to give.  Because of this they (MORE)