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Why does it snow?

How snow forms Snow is what forms when water vapor is cooled to below freezing point quickly. The water vapor doesn't get a chance to form into rain droplets and forms snow cr (MORE)

How is snow formed?

Snow is formed when water freezes not an exact answer. the correct theory behind snow formation is given below. assume that at some instant supercooled liquid droplets presen (MORE)

What is snow?

Snow is frozen precipitation, formed from ice crystals within clouds. Snow is normally pure, and like rain, provides a supply of fresh water. In cold climates, snow can compac (MORE)

What you can do on snow?

pee on snow walk on snow sit on snow have a tea party on snow snow ball fight on snow eat on snow go on the computer on snow lay down on snow eat the snow an (MORE)

How do snow leopards survive in snow?

Snow leopards took advantage of a niche in their environment and evolved to survive in high, rugged mountains of Central Asia. They have incredibly large lungs, huge paws for (MORE)

What was the most snow ever snowed?

Surprisingly, neither the Antarctic nor the Arctic are the snowiest places on Earth. The record goes to Mount Baker in Washington State, USA. The Mount Baker Ski Area reported (MORE)

What is snow useful for?

well, you can play with it, well children can and u can make snow angels and snowmen and u an go sledding and snow boarding and skiing and ice skating and sooooo many other th (MORE)

Can it snow in Peru?

In the capital and all the coast of Perú, it actually doesn't snow (Unfortunately ! D: . ) But in the Andes zone (Mountain Zone) it snows during the winter seasons and it als (MORE)

What is snow lightning?

Snow lightning is when it is snowing and there is lightning at the  same time. It occurs because of the same principles of storm cloud  lightning: convergence of distinct te (MORE)