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Who was the youngest dwarf in Snow White?

  Presumably, Dopey is the youngest. He is the only dwarf of the seven without a beard.
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When was the original Snow White and seven dwarfs?

Snow White might have been a real person-Margarete von Waldeck and most researchers say the original Snow White story dates back to at least the sixteenth century, which is th (MORE)

What is a summary of Snow White and the seven dwarfs?

Snow White is about a little princess whose mother died and her  stepmother was jealous of her beauty. She ordered Snow White to be  killed but the hunter she hired couldn't (MORE)
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Did Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs win an Oscar?

No, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Nominated for the Oscar for Best Score by Frank Churchill, Leigh Harline and Paul J. Smith, but it did not win. The following year, Wal (MORE)

Where did Snow White and the seven dwarfs take place?

In the fourteenth century, western Germany, in an area of deep old growth forest with jewel mines known as Ider Oberstein. You can still tour a mine there to this day.
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