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How does a snowstorm happen?

Snowstorms can be on different scales. You can have Alberta clippers, Panhandle hooks, or Nor'Easters that affect entire regions. In addition, you can have lake effect snow sq (MORE)
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How do you stop a snowstorm?

You use the exact same methods that you would use to stop a hurricane, a tornado and a sunrise. You can't. We do not have the capabilities to control storms.
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What are the dangers of a snowstorm?

The Dangers of a Snowstorm are many, but here are a few of the most commonly known facts.   1. Strong winds blow snow into snowdrifts that can bury people alive.   2. Ai (MORE)

When do snowstorms form?

The most likely meteorological conditions for a snowstorm include a rapidly moving low pressure system that meets a cold arctic air mass. Snowstorms are also produced by the " (MORE)

Can they predict snowstorms?

They certainly can Factors like temperature and humidity play a role, but with today's Doppler radar ice crystals show up nicely inside the clouds and will determine if a st (MORE)
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Why is it bad to have snowstorms?

Snowstorms aren't necessarily bad. Most plants and animals need snow & the water it provides as it melts in the spring & summer to thrive. For humans snowstorms can be an inco (MORE)