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A Red Red Rose Rhythm?

A Red Red Rose has a metrical rhythm where the first and fourth lines of each stanza rhyme.
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Is the Rose Red mansion real?

No, all the media stories claiming that Rose Red is real were just a hoax. Rose Red is fiction. See the Related Links below. However, it was inspired by the Winchester Mansi (MORE)
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Is Rose Red a real mansion?

No, Rose Red is NOT a real mansion, although Stephen King got the idea from a real mansion and a real woman: Sarah Winchester, and the Winchester Mystery House. It is importan (MORE)

What is the meaning of 3 red roses?

In the novel of Ahilles genc the three red roses were given to a beautiful mermaid.after searching her in every sea cost in every city, ahilles found her near apolinia ,in the (MORE)

What does 1 red rose mean?

  he/she loves you   i read something in a book that said this. yellow roses mean friendship, pink roses are a thank you for a favor or something, and red roses mean lo (MORE)
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Rose red Seattle Washington?

The Rose Red miniseries, along with the book, The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life At Rose Red, are entirely fictional. Rimbauer Mansion does not and has never existed. Some R (MORE)

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