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Do they allow goggles at soak city?

Yes and No, They will allow the Swim type goggles that over the Eyes only. They will not permit anything that covers the nose. Also keep in mind that they do not allow pro (MORE)

Why soak duck livers in milk?

  To get the blood out   Soaking duck livers, or foie gras, in milk (some use port, or even water) is said to remove the blood from inside. Equally as important, thou (MORE)
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Why soak halloumi?

Personally I soak halloumi to reduce the salt content, soaking the cheese for an hour or so in fresh water will draw some of the salt out of the cheese. Alternatively, soakin (MORE)

What does soaking potatoes do?

Placing potatoes in cold water keeps them from turning brown. It also pulls the starch out of the potatoes, which makes fries crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I (MORE)
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What is soak pit?

a soak allows water to gradually enter the ground . it absorves WATER , FILTERS IT AND PUSHES IT INTO THE GROUND . THIS INCREASES THE LEVEL OF GROUND WATER

What happens when you soak a bone in milk?

My class and I conducred an experament with bomes. We collected chicken nones and soaked them in foir liquids, one was milk, over the experament we noticed that the nomes that (MORE)
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Is soaked an adverb?

An adverb is a descriptive word that modifies a verb. 'Soaked' does not modify a verb (eg the sentence "Dave soaked glanced at Karen, who melted" does not make sense, because (MORE)