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What are soaps?

well soaps are somthing we use to take dirt and Greece off of things really Answer : Are you serious .. ?? You don't know what soap is !? -- You use soap to wash .. well yo (MORE)

What is in soap?

Generally speaking, soap contains surfactants, which are chemicals that cut the surface tension of water and which will "link up" with oil, grease and dirt to allow water to w (MORE)

Who is soap?

Soap is a character in a video game called CALL OF DUTY 4 and MODER WARFARE 2 the sequel to CALL OF DUTY 4.

How do you put soap in the soap dispenser?

If it is jar soap dispenser, I'm unscrewing the pomp and I'm pouring some liquid soap through the hole to the inside of the jar. But if it is automatic soap dispenser I'm putt (MORE)

What is the relationship of soap to soap opera?

Soap Operas are midday television dramas targeted to women. They are called "soap operas" because originally the shows were sponsored by soap and detergent companies like Proc (MORE)