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What is a sob?

  SOB is an acronym that usually means son of a b****. Not a nice thing to call someone else.
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What is SOB?

SOB stands for son of a (another name for a female dog). SOB is an  acronym that can stand for many things such as South of the Border,  Shortness of Breath, and Source of B (MORE)

What does SOB stand for?

It stands for a lot such as:SOB, Shortness of Breath (symptom). SOB, School Of Business. SOB, South of the Border. SOB, Summary of Benefits. It also may mean "son of a bitch" (MORE)
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Sobbing in a sentences?

Upon being reminded of his mother's recent death, Ben began sobbing, tears streaming down his face.
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Is sobbing an adjective?

The -ING form of a verb can be used as a noun, adjective, or adverb. "Sobbing" is an adjective if applied to a person, i.e. "a sobbing woman".
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What is an adverb for sobbed?

There is one, sobbingly, based on the present participle.   Adverbs that can modify the verb form sobbing include quietly,  loudly, or openly.
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What is a sentence for sob?

When my boyfriend broke up with me, I wanted to sob. But my friends said the guy wasn't worth it to sob over losing him.
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What is a sob license?

An "SOB license" is a Sexually Oriented Business license. You need one to work in strip clubs (even if you're just a server and not a stripper).