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What is the definition of sober?

Answer . Not being intoxicated, not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Answer . Sober is also used to mean serious. Answer . 1. Eat/Drink Vitamin C . 2.Take a long (MORE)
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How do you stay sober?

Don't Drink You can't get drunk if you do not take the first drink. Go to AA meetings and/or an outpatient treatment program. If you drink a lot of hard liquor everyday go to (MORE)
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What can restore soberity?

There are many forms of "rehad" out there with many different techniques or programs to use. Unfortunetly rehabilitation has become much like the medical world. Big business. (MORE)
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Is it good to be sober?

The bible says "do not get drunk on wine" so it is good to be sober, another reason being that when your not sober your judgment is off and you begin to make decisions that yo (MORE)
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What is a synonym for sober?

just check possible synonoms: abstemious, abstentious, abstinent, ailing, ascetic, calm, collected, composed, continent, controlled, cool, disciplined, di (MORE)
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How do you become sober?

There are several ways on how to become sober especially from drugs and alcohol addiction. An addict can acquire sober support when if he/she will undergo a drug rehabilitatio (MORE)
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What is the answer to sobering up?

\nThe best combination seems to be inpatient detoxification and treatment, followed by a support group such as AA. However, you need to understand that no treatment program i (MORE)
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What is the opposite of sober?

The opposite of sober (unimpaired) would be inebriated, drunk, high, or intoxicated. The opposite of sober (serious) would be frivolous, flippant, or farcical.
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How do you get someone sober?

Sobriety basically comes with time. Some people say coffee (but that can be lethal if there is too much caffiene with Alcohol) or just water... If they aren't breathing right. (MORE)
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What can sober you up?

Bread is great for sobering you up, also drinking lots of water to flush the alcohol out of your body.