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What to do in soccer?

the main idea is to get the ball into your apponents goal. doing so will give your team a point. once you have gotten the basics you are ready to learn how to jook out the oth (MORE)

What is soccer?

A game is overseen by a referee who has the right to enforce the rules of the games. The primary rule is that all players other than the goal keeper are not allowed to handl (MORE)

What do you have to do to be in soccer?

if you want to play soccer in a rec league you need to just sign up on sign up day at the field sign up building if you want to play in academy or select you will sign up and (MORE)

Why are soccer socks important in soccer?

For several reasons; -For Officials, they are used to differentiate between teams especially when both players go hard into a tackle for a ball, the differing colors help th (MORE)

Where was soccer from?

Historic artifacts and enduring traditions make it clear thatfootball has been played in Egypt, Ancient China, and Rome. Thegame's basic principles survived through the years (MORE)