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What is social media?

As the word connotes, it is a form of MEDIA for SOCIAL interaction."Interaction and communication" are the core of Social Media. Social media is a broad term used to describ ( Full Answer )
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How is social media different from traditional media?

Traditional media is considered to be 'spoonfed' sources of information - a one-way conversation where some media outlet or publisher says "Here you go. This is it." Whereas w ( Full Answer )
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What are the social responsibilities of social media?

The responsibilities are no different than "offline" social media. In its purest form, the term "Social Media" is: Content delivered through social interaction that excites ot ( Full Answer )
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Is social media the same as social networking?

Social networking is socializing using social media. Social network is a structure made of set of personalities while social media is wide open for everyone.
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What social medias is there?

These days there are MANY social media outlets. The two with the most longstanding popularity are Facebook & Twitter. A third site that has risen almost to the same popularity ( Full Answer )
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Why do people socialize on social media?

Different people do socialization on social media for different purposes like some are doing it for increasing their niche network of people, some are doing for brand and thei ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference bettewn social media and media?

Media refers to any sort of mode of communication or interaction between two or more persons or devices. In recent years, Media has become popular word of reference for Press ( Full Answer )
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What is a social media?

=>> Social media means social networking site. for this wecommunicate with our family member and friends.
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Is digital media similar as social media?

Social Media is a subset of digital media. Digital media mayinclude many other modes of publicity and marketing likeTelevision, Newspapers, Radio etc. while social media is li ( Full Answer )
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What are social medias?

Social media are the websites and applicationsthat allows users to create and share the content or to participatein social networking. All social media has become a vital part ( Full Answer )