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How do people benefit from social media?

Using Social Media, people around the globe can interact long distantly and virtually. Social Media, also allow people to express their thoughts and ideas through writing blog (MORE)

What are the greatest problems of social media?

Privacy and Security issues, are some of the pressing problems today regarding social media. Signing up on any social media platform require someone to give certain amount of (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of modern media technology?

Many claim that modern media technology allows for too much invasion of privacy. It can allso be an issue when people are so well connected with each other, no matter where (MORE)

What is the greatest problems of social media?

Social media sites obliged us to provide certain amount of personal information and offer different type of communication mechanisms such as chat and forums to connect with pe (MORE)

Future trends in media technology?

Currently, the trend in media is to deliver news faster than ever  before, and in many different, customizable ways. This race for  speed will certainly continue into the fu (MORE)

Why Social media as a recruitment tool?

Social media in its purest form is : content delivered through social interaction that excites others to repeat. It doesn't 'matter if you are recruiting for employees or for (MORE)

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