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What are the powers of social media?

The power of social media is immeasurable, imagine you can reach the millions and billions of people in just a single tweet or facebook status. How about the views in youtube? (MORE)

Who coined the term 'social media'?

There's no definitive answer on who first coined the phrase 'social  media'. According to an article by Jeff Bercovici on Forbes, there  are three people who claim to have c (MORE)

What are the benefits of social media for society?

there are many benefits of social media for society. Here are a few of them: People can get connected at any time people can make new friends people can share feelings, o (MORE)

Future trends in media technology?

Currently, the trend in media is to deliver news faster than ever  before, and in many different, customizable ways. This race for  speed will certainly continue into the fu (MORE)

When did it begin social media?

According to Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship a journal of Computer-Meditated Communication written by Danah M. Boyd and Nicole B. Ellison... "A s (MORE)

What are the uses social media?

Social media can be use for different purposes. 1. Basically the use of social media is to communicate online. You can use it to connect with your friends and relatives -- e (MORE)

What is social media tools?

Social media is the content like videos, photos and information  created and shared in different sites, it is also good for  promoting any website.   Social media tools (MORE)