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What is proof in coins?

A proof is a coin that is specially struck for sale for collectors. Usually there are multiple strikes made with special dies. Proof coins usually have really shiny fields (th (MORE)

Does Reincarnation have proofs?

There is no scientific proof of reincarnation, however, there have been presented for research many cases of persons who may describe with great detail the lives of others who (MORE)

What is socialization?

Socialization is interaction in a social group or community  as a life-long process through which from the formative phase to  maturity learn skills and attitudes to functio (MORE)

What is the '' burden of proof ''?

The burden of proof is on the prosecutor. They must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty. The defense only needs to raise reasonable doubt about the defend (MORE)

What is proof machining?

Proof machining means>> If part have too much dispensable  material to remove through out machining than machining is done on  the same to remove all material till it will h (MORE)

What is the plural for Proof?

The plural of proof may remain as proof or be proofs.Proof: There were many items of proof that pointed to his innocence in the crime. Proofs: The photographic proofs will be (MORE)

What are photographic proofs?

  a) individual photographs that are printed (usually smaller than what the final size is intended to be) where color correction, density, cropping and other aesthetic con (MORE)
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What is an indirect proof?

An indirect proof is another name for a proof by contradiction.  This is where the original premise is assumed to be false and then  attempted to be proven. Because this pro (MORE)