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What is socialization?

Socialization is interaction in a social group or community as a life-long process through which from the formative phase to maturity learn skills and attitudes to function as (MORE)
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What is socialization and social placement function?

These are two functions of the family unit. Socialization is a process of learning (through interaction with others) behaviors which are appropriate and essential for social (MORE)

What is Social Studies?

Social studies is the study of places and people. Social studies  includes geography, the continents, bodies of water, latitude,  longitude, physical features, and how geogr (MORE)

What is social static and social dynamics?

social static: explains the current stage of society (stable); how society has been maintained without going extinct  social dynamic: how society has changed and its social p (MORE)

What is a social premium?

In the Fair Trade system, social and economic development is made possible through an additional payment producer cooperatives receive called the Fair Trade Social Premium. Th (MORE)

What are social media?

Social media are the digital platforms that allow individuals to share things bidirectionally, between one another, as distinct from other media technologies that are used by (MORE)

What's "social" about social media?

Social media is the label applied to a variety of technology platforms that enable people to consume content. Much of it isn't "social" in the ways the word was traditionally (MORE)

What Is Social Selling?

The term "social selling" is a sales technique that starts via social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. (MORE)

What is Social Business?

Today social business is known as using social networks for business. This includes providing value to gain followers on your social networks. It also means listening and enga (MORE)

What is social-affirmation?

The need of a person to be seen Right by the society in his conduct or manner in regard with what hes doing can be called Social Affirmation.
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Why is social studies called social studies there is nothing social about it?

Actually, social studies has everything to do with society. The definition of social studies is the study of social relationships and the functioning of society and usually ma (MORE)

What Is social Insurance?

 Social insurance is any government-sponsored program with the following  four characteristics:   the benefits, eligibility requirements and other  aspects of the progr (MORE)