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What is a Society?

This is just my opinion I would not say its correct or not but this is what i believe. Society is basically all the people living on earth that function and follow the dail (MORE)
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What does a breed society do?

Breedsocietys have a variety of roles, but their most important role isto preserve integrity of the breed they are focused on. Dog breedsocieties also serve to promote the pop (MORE)
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What is society?

A society is a group of closely related animals of the same species that work together in a highly organized way. ------------------------------------------------- Society (MORE)
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What are the levels of society in Egypt society?

The Society Pyramid of Unified Egypt Royal Family - 5% Pharaoh/King Queen Royal Children Educated Elite Viceroy of Kush - Royal Nurse - Vizier of Upper (MORE)
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What is society or define a society?

A society is a group of people who establish rules and live together. They establish taboos and expectations that people follow.
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Is Pakistani Society An Islamic Society?

Our society is certainly not a Islamic society because as most our people are revisionist (in between Islam and modernism) and due to this the modernism is there.
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What is centralized society?

A centralized society is one that shares a common wealth, structure, and echelon. That is, everyone one in a given society has the same status.
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What makes a society to be society?

Made with people with similar beliefs and interests and the people can interact with each other
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Is a feudal society a backward society?

No. A feudal society is when there is a caste system (sort of). It is when there's a small ruling class, a slightly larger upper class of important people, a middle class, and (MORE)