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What is a Society?

This is just my opinion I would not say its correct or not but this is what i believe. Society is basically all the people living on earth that function and follow the dail (MORE)

How does society develop?

There are multiple models explaining the development of humansocieties. The evolutionary model using observations of other upperdivision mammals and anthropology indicates the (MORE)

What is society?

A society is a group of closely related animals of the same species that work together in a highly organized way. ------------------------------------------------- Society (MORE)

What are the levels of society in Egypt society?

The Society Pyramid of Unified Egypt Royal Family - 5% Pharaoh/King Queen Royal Children Educated Elite Viceroy of Kush - Royal Nurse - Vizier of Upper (MORE)
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Is Pakistani Society An Islamic Society?

Our society is certainly not a Islamic society because as most our people are revisionist (in between Islam and modernism) and due to this the modernism is there.
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