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How did the society of jesus combat the influence of protestantism?

The Jesuits infiltrated influential classes of society to lead people back to Roman Catholicism. It was said ( Angelo Nicolini ) they were "despotic in Spain, constitutional i (MORE)

What was Jesus do?

Jesus Christ is the reason you have for today's date. Roughly 2012 years ago, He walked the earth, and it was deemed important enough that we all decided to start the years ov (MORE)

What is Jesus?

first of all I would like to tell you that DON'T write "WHAT is Jesus" it is totally wrong we use what for non living things. Alright so the question arises WHO IS JESUS. Jesu (MORE)

Who Jesus was?

Jesus was the prophet of GOD, and his purpose was to lead us to the right way, and to teach us the difference between good and evil.
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What impact has Jesus had on individuals and society in general?

  Jesus Christ has given men and societies something that no other man could have given. He has given mankind something to hope for, something to live for and indeed somet (MORE)

What were the goals and methods of the Ursuline order and the Society of Jesus?

The Ursulines were founded by St. Angela Merici in 1535, they were  the first Order of Sisters devoted exclusively to education, and  were the first congregation of women to (MORE)
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Who was Jesus and what did he do?

Jesus is our saviour and Jesus is our father Jesus love us that's  why he go to the cross of Calvary to save us to take away our sins  because we are sinners Jesus want us t (MORE)

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Who was Jesus?

Another answer from our community:    The Bible says that Jesus is the Son of God. He willingly came to  earth to die for our sins.   Another answer:   An inve (MORE)