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What impact has Jesus had on individuals and society generally?

Jesus is a figure that individuals and society (Christians) looks  up too as a savior who came to save people from their sins. This  individual was the incarnate word which (MORE)

How did the society of jesus combat the influence of protestantism?

The Jesuits infiltrated influential classes of society to lead people back to Roman Catholicism. It was said ( Angelo Nicolini ) they were "despotic in Spain, constitutional i (MORE)

What effect did the formation of the Society of Jesus have on the Catholic Church?

The Jesuits trained priests, ensuring that qualified people held  church positions.      Catholic Answer   The primary goal of the Society of Jesus was to co (MORE)

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What impact has Jesus had on individuals and society in general?

  Jesus Christ has given men and societies something that no other man could have given. He has given mankind something to hope for, something to live for and indeed somet (MORE)