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Why are soft drinks harm full?

soft drinks are harmful because they slowly burn your lungs inside out, i know this because it happened to my closest friend so i strongly encourage you not to drink these dev (MORE)

Why will your stomach hurt when you drink soft drinks?

Most soft drinks contain acids, and some are very corrosive. If the phosphoric acid in Coca-Cola is strong enough to dissolve corrosion from the terminals of your car battery, (MORE)

Can you drink soft drinks when you have diarrhea?

  Diarrhea makes you dehydrated very quickly. Soft drinks contain very high amounts of sugar, which also dehydrates you. So drinking them when you have diarrhea will only (MORE)

What is considered a soft drink?

Basically anything that isn't water. (Juice, Cola, Coffee...) that does not have alcohol in it. Alcohol is called a "hard" beverage, so it would only make sense that a soft be (MORE)

Which soft drinks are not carbonated?

following are some of the soft drinks which are not carbonated such  as:   1. 28 BLACK - Natural Energy Drink   2. Afri-Cola- Cola with high caffeine - 25mg/100ml lev (MORE)

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