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Is soften a noun?

No, the word soften is a verb (soften, softens, softening, softened); to make something soft. Noun forms for the verb to soften are softener, an agent used to soften; and the (MORE)
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How do you soften powerbait?

Add just enough water to be level with the top of the bait, but not over. Place the uncovered jar in the microwave for 20-30 seconds (watch it that it doesn't boil over). Then (MORE)

How do you soften licorice?

  You can often soften hard treats like licrorice by warming it in a microwave for 15 secs this works for red and black

How do you soften almonds?

Just soak 'em in water for three or four hours. They will soften and become the consistency of walnuts (we use them in Waldorf salads).

What is softened shortening?

It is most likely to be shortening which has been allowed to warm to room temperature, so that it becomes softer. (This is what "softened butter" is, so I assume it means the (MORE)

What is in a water softener?

If you could look inside a water softener's main cylinder you would see what looks like "sand" - but that stuff is in fact tiny granules of a special "ion exchange resin". S (MORE)

How do you soften water?

Water can be softened by removing calcium, magnesium, and certain  other metal cations from hard water. Water softening can be  achieved by using lime softening or ion-excha (MORE)
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How do you soften your hair?

First let me tell you that you'll no longer have to go to the store to buy any products. There is a natural concoction that you can create at home. Get one cup of rubbing alco (MORE)

What softens the food?

Food can be softened with moisture based cooking. A method for this  would be braising.
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