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What is software?

Software is a term for a set of instructions, which makes a computer to perform a task. The set of instructions are commonly known as a program, without which computers cannot (MORE)

What is a software?

software is a set of rules to perform a specific topic    The word software is a noun. The programs and operating information  installed on your computer is software.
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What software is included in system software?

System software is a computer software which provide a platform for application software. There a four types of system software: Operating systems - like Microsoft Windows, (MORE)

What does software do?

Software refers to the programming and various programs and files on your computer, for example, your operating system (windows xp/vista/7) is considered software, as is your (MORE)

How do software engineers create software?

Software engineers create software by writing what we  call programs.   Programs are written in different programming languages such as C,  Java, BASIC, C#, C++, Pascal (MORE)

Why do you have software?

Software is a digital replacement for a hardware solution. At the core, the microprocessor uses program instructions (software) to emulate results of hardware electronic circu (MORE)