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What is scenario testing in software testing?

Scenario-based testing is one method of documenting softwarespecifications and requirements for the project. Scenario-basedtesting is used for writing tests for individual use (MORE)

What is Gorilla Testing in software testing?

Gorilla Testing is used to check functionality of one particularmodule that needs to be tested extensively with multiplecombinations of input. It is to ensure that this module (MORE)

What is a test driver in software testing?

Test Driver or stubs are used for integration testing. So you have 3 modules say A, B and C in your application. The A and C is ready but the bridge between A to C is B is not (MORE)

What is Software Testing?

Software Testing is an process of executing a program or a software with the intent of finding errors, validating against requirements. Testing involves operation of a system (MORE)

How will you do software testing?

  Answer   Depends on if it is new software, or a software version upgrade. Usually however a test plan is created as requirements for software are identified, and wr (MORE)

What is Functional testing in software testing?

Functional testing is a process of testing all the functionality of  an application.When we create a software, we create it keeping the  users of that software in mind. Func (MORE)

Types of testing in software testing?

Well it generally depends on what approach you want to take in the testing. What we think generally as the testing is the Black box testing and white box testing. Black box (MORE)

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