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What does the abbreviation SOHO stand for?

Answer . Acronym Meaning. SOHO Small Office, Home Office; SOHO Safety and Occupational Health Office; SOHO Solar and Heliospheric Observatory; SOHO South of Hollywood Road ( Full Answer )
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What are some good restaurants in Soho?

Zagats lists the following as the top restaurants in the neighborhood: Aquagrill Honmura An Blue Ribbon Sushi Blue Ribbon L'Ecole Fiamma Osteria Personally, I u ( Full Answer )
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Where did soho get its name?

SoHo stands for South of Houston Street. It is a neighborhoodlocated in Lower Manhattan, New York City known for its artgalleries, boutiques, and trendy shops.
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What does soho stands for?

SoHo is slang for " SO uth of HO uston street" it's a region/neighborhood in New York City generally south of Houston and north of Canal.
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What exactly does soho grand mean?

The Soho Grand is an upscale hotel on Broadway in New York City. It is very close to art galleries and theaters and is considered a luxury destination.
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What does the London SOHO stand for?

Nothing in particular. It has been suggested that 'soho' was a hunting cry in the 17th century when the area around present day Soho was open fields and used for foxhunting.
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What does the SOHO acronym stand for?

SOHO is an acronym for many different things, including, but not limited to, the following: . Small Office, Home Office . Solar and Heliosphere (-ic)(-ysical) Observatory ( Full Answer )
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What attractions are found in the Soho neighborhood?

There are many various attractions in the Soho neighborhood, there is good food, bars, and clubs. There are also many tourist attractions that are available.
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Are there any apartments available in Soho?

Yes, there are many apartments available in Soho. A realty page would best allow one to refine results by using aspects such as price, size, and amenities.
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What is the seating capacity at the Soho Theatre?

The Soho Theater in New York City has a seating capacity of five thousand people. For most popular events, the seating capacity is usually filled to the brim.