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What separates the inner solar system and the outer solar system?

Basically, the thing that seperates the inner and the outer solar  system is a belt of asteroids, commonly known as the Kuiper belt,  that is between the orbit of Mars and J (MORE)

What is a solar system?

A solar system is a collection of objects that orbit a star or group of stars. In most solar systems, a central star (or stars, like a binary pair for instance) provides the m (MORE)

What is the solar system?

The solar system is a family/group of planets meteors, asteriods and much more groups in space. They are, in order Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and N (MORE)

Our solar system?

  Answer     Our solar system is huge!!! There are planets in our solar system. They are: Mercury,Venus,Earth,Saturn,Jupiter,Pluto (which was made a dwarf planet (MORE)
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How do the planets in the solar system move around the solar system?

They move around in what is known as an orbit. This route takes the form of ellipse or an oval. The planet travels round the Sun all the time.
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What is solar system?

It's a group of planets, asteriods, meteors, moons, dwarf planets and a star.   The Solar System consists of the Sun and those celestial objects bound to it by gravity: (MORE)
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