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What is an SS soldier?

The Waffen-SS (German for "Armed SS", literally "Weapons SS") was the combat arm of the Schutzstaffel ("Protective Squadron") or SS. In contrast to the Heer, Germany's regular (MORE)

What did buffalo soldiers do?

Who were the Buffalo Soldiers? Originally the 10th cavalry Regiment of the US Army, formed at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas on September 21, 1866. Although several African American (MORE)

What is a GI soldier?

In the 1930s-1940s, a GI soldier was a soldier who fought in World War II. In World War II, everything a soldier used was "Government Issued" or GI, although there are other i (MORE)
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What is a katusa soldiers?

KATUSA stands for Korean Augmentee To the United States Army. Republic Of Korea (ROK) and United States have strong alliance again North Korea. ROK Army provides its soldiers (MORE)
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What is systematic soldiering?

  This concept is part of the Scientific management theory ( Taylor). Taylor says that workers should be paid according to the amount of production (piecework). He realize (MORE)
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What does a soldier do?

A soldier does whatever the leader of his nation tells him to do. Typically they fight wars in defence of their nation. They are also used to assist in natural disaster relief (MORE)

What is a soldiers casket?

A casket provided by the government for its soldiers at no cost or  at a reduced price.   In 1969 for example, President Eisenhower was buried in a simple  soldiers' cas (MORE)