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What is a soldier?

A person who serves in the Army.    A slice of toast cut wide enough to dip in a soft boiled egg.
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What does a soldier do?

A soldier does whatever the leader of his nation tells him to do. Typically they fight wars in defence of their nation. They are also used to assist in natural disaster relief (MORE)

Why soldiers dislike enemy soldiers?

It makes killing them easier. If you can work yourself up to hate the other side, you don't have to feel bad about killing them. Also, propaganda is often a part of war, so if (MORE)

Why are bread soldiers called soldiers?

I believe it comes from the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty who fell off the wall - 'all the kings horse's and all the kings men" However nowhere in the nursery rhyme is their a (MORE)

What did soldiers do?

Soldiers fight against another team which is called a war. For example: In WW1, English soldiers fought against the German soldiers.  It is not a very nice thing to do becaus (MORE)

Did the soldier do it?

Do what? The question is too vague to answer. Hmmm... Yes it is. I'm guessing whoever asked this question likes to blame things on the soldiers that fought for all of us Aus (MORE)
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If you where to be a soldier what do you will choose to be a soldier or a sniper?

I chose to be a Combat Medic, personally. Soldier is a very broad term, and encompasses a number of roles in any army. Truck drivers, administrative clerks, infantrymen, snipe (MORE)