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What is a solicitor?

Solicitor is an officer having charge of the legal business of acity, town, etc. In another sense, that is a category of lawyer used in the Englishsystem (not in America). Th (MORE)

Who pays a solicitor?

That depends on the case and what kind of arrangement you have with the solicitor. In a criminal case if your the one that needs to be defended you will pay the solicitor. In (MORE)

How do you be an solicitor?

In England and Wales a person becomes a solicitor by taking a professional examination following full or part time study. Before that, they would have taken either a law speci (MORE)
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What are solicitor?

In house buying, solicitors are also called a conveyancers, they will help you sell your house or seek help if you are buying a house. they will take care of the legal aspects (MORE)