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What is a solid?

A solid has a definite shape and definite volume. Its particles arebarely moving. There are two types of solids crystalline andamorphous. A crystalline solid are made of cryst ( Full Answer )
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What is solid?

A substance with a definite volume, and a definite shape. Changing the shape takes work or force.
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What are solids?

A solid is a hard thing like wood. Wood is a solid because it can not be squashed but it has a set shape and a set volume. Mainly it can not be poured.
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Solid solid solution?

Solid solution is mixture of two crystalline solids. The mixing isdone by combining two solids after melting them into liquids andthen cooling the result to form a new solid. ( Full Answer )
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Solid to solid?

solid is also a liquid but can be frozen to be turnt in to a solid.
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Why is a solid a solid?

a solid is something that takes up a fixed amount of space (takes up space e.g. a table or a chair) and has no air in it
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What is a mixture of solid and solid called?

Depends on what is being mixed. An alloy is a partial or complete solid solution of one or more elements in a metallic matrix .
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Why solid is solid?

"Solid" is just a technical term from atoms being sufficiently close packed that they're overall structure is maintained.
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How is a solid a solid?

a solid is a solid because the molecules that are in the object are closely compact with each other. they do not move but the do vibrate.
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Why are solids solid?

solids have definite volume and shape. They are solids due to many factors including chemical compositions, the temperature in which they can stay solid, etc.