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How can consumer express his solidarity?

the customers can show their solidarity only by fulfilling their duties in the following ways - (i) The consumers should be very careful about the quality of goods as well a (MORE)

By what means can the consumers express their solidarity?

i. Consumers form themselves into voluntary organisations or associations.ii. Any affected consumer, small or big, should take his complaint to his association.iii. The associ (MORE)

What is cabinet solidarity?

  In a Parliamentary system, the Prime Minister appoints a cabinet, usually selecting from among parliamentary members of the PM's own party. Cabinet solidarity refers to (MORE)

What is Party Solidarity?

Party Solidarity:   Once a decision is made by the PM and Cabinet every member of the party is expected to publically support that decision and vote accordingly   Puni (MORE)

What is cultural solidarity?

Cultural solidarity is the unification of people belonging to the  same cultural identity. For example, when community shows support  for a single cause.

What is ethnic solidarity?

Ethnic solidarity is when a particular group of people who share a common ethnicity or culture bond together to achieve a common goal. Or it is the recognition of a sameness w (MORE)
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What is the meaning of global solidarity?

Global Solidarity is an education program that is run by Catholic  Charities. The goal of the program is to make people aware of the  suffering and culture of others around (MORE)

What is the term solidarity?

Solidarity is unity or agreement, especially among individuals with  a common interest; mutual support within a group.    Solidarity also refers to an independent trad (MORE)