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Is Solihull in Birmingham?

No it is not. It has its own borders, its own council and is its own area. Infact, Solihull can have two meanings, the Town of Solihull, or the Borough (Which includes place ( Full Answer )
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Who was the Member of Parliament for Solihull in 1947?

Martin Lindsay (August 22, 1905 - May 5, 1981) served as the first Member of Parliament for Solihull, serving between 1945 and 1964, including the whole of 1947.
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How do you pronounce solihull?

It is pronounced Soh-li(ee)-hull, like the words "so", "lee" and "hull" put together (the "lee is quite short". REMEMBER this! Lots of people think it is Soli-hull, but th ( Full Answer )