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Solubility of lipids?

Lipids are generally insoluble in water. They are only soluble in  nonpolar organic solvents like benzene, acetone, chloroform and  ether.

What does solubility mean what helps solubility?

Solubility is how much of a substance will dissolve in a given solvent. The rule for solubility is "like dissolves like". So polar substances, like ionic compounds, will disso (MORE)
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Is clay soluble?

No it is not soluble things that sre soluble are things that can dissolve in water. for example salt, sugar and chalk dust are all soluble :) ohh and things that do dont dis (MORE)

Is KMnO4 soluble or not soluble is cyclohexane?

No the purple solid KMnO4 is only very slightly soluble in the organic liquid cyclohexane.
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Can a soluble substance become in soluble?

If there is no reaction occuring to change the molecular structure of the substance, you have to look at the ionic product of the substance. When the ionic product is more tha (MORE)