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What does soluble mean?

Soluble means able to be dissolved or able to be solved. For example, the soluble mystery questioned whether salt was soluble in water. Or, fat is soluble in oil but not in (MORE)

What is the definition of solubility?

Solubility is a physical property of each chemical and describes  how well it will dissociate into a given solvent. Most chemicals  are evaluated for two types of solubility (MORE)
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What is meant by solubility?

Solubility is the ability of a substance (solute) to make a solution with another substance (solvent). The solvent is usually a liquid, and the solute can be a solid, liquid, (MORE)

Is caco3 soluble?

Calcium carbonate is very poorly soluble in water. At 25 deg. Celsius, its Ksp value is 2.8x10-9. This means the concentration of each ion in solution at equilibrium would be (MORE)

Is KOH soluble?

  KOH is potassium hydroxide, an Arrhenius base. All ionic compounds are soluble (they ionize in the polar water). This particular ionic compound also has all these loose (MORE)
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What is the symbol for soluble?

The symbol for a substance that is soluble is (aq) which means aqueous or in aqueous solution.
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Why are substances soluble?

Substances are soluable if disolving the material will result in 1a decrease in free energy. Kinetics will determine how fact something disolves. For most things they are solu (MORE)

Is chromium soluble?

Chromium does not occur freely in nature. The main chromium mineral is chromite. Chromium compounds can be found in waters only in trace amounts. Many chromium compounds are r (MORE)