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What is feasible solution and optimum solution?

Feasible solution is any element of the feasible region of an  optimization problem. The feasible region is the set of all  possible solutions of an optimization problem.  (MORE)

Describe what the solvent and solute of a solution are?

The solvent is the substance that something is being dissolved into. The solute is the substance that is being dissolved. For example, in a salt water solution, the water woul (MORE)

A solution is a?

1_A homogeneous ( same throughout) substance formed when one substance (called a salute) dissolves into another ( known as the solvent). 2_Solution is a mixture in which its c (MORE)
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What is is a solution?

A solution is a mixture in which the particles of the solute are supported by the particles of the solvent, are too small to be seen, and spread evenly through the solvent. A (MORE)
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What is solute?

  A substance dissolved in another substance, usually the component of a solution present in the lesser amount
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What are the solvent and solute of a solution?

The solvent is usually the larger part of the solution which dissolves the solute. The solute is the smaller part which gets dissolved. So as an example, seawater is a solutio (MORE)
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What is concentrated solution and dilute solution?

Within a set volume of solvent (usually water), a concentrated solution will have more solute than a diluted silution. In chemistry, this is called molarity. The more moles of (MORE)
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What is the solute and solvent in antiseptic solution?

In an antiseptic solution, the solvent is usually ethanol or  propanol. Benzalkonium chloride, octenidine dihydrochloride, and  chlorhexidine are the solvents.
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