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What songs are on the Taylor Swift album 1989?

The tracklist of 1989 is as follows:     1. Welcome to New York   2. Blank Space   3. Style   4. Out of the Woods   5. All You Had to Do was Stay   6. Sh (MORE)

What is songs were in Taylor Swifts first album?

1. Tim McGraw 2. Picture To Burn 3. Teardrops On My Guitar 4. A Place In This World 5. Cold As You 6. The Outside 7. Tied Together With A Smile 8. Stay Beautifu (MORE)

What songs are on Taylor Swift's first album?

1. | "Tim McGraw" / 2. | "Picture to Burn" / 3. | "Teardrops on My Guitar" / 4. | "A Place in This World" / 5. | "Cold as You" / 6. | "The Outside" / 7. | "Tied Together with (MORE)

What are all the Taylor Swift Albums?

Taylor Swift, (2006) Fearless (2008) Speak Now (2010) Red (2012) That's all her studio albums.
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What is Taylor Swifts most successful album?

Taylor Swift's album Fearless is the most successful to date, selling about 8.7 million worldwide (6.4 million in the US alone). Her two other albums are almost as successful. (MORE)